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Why we fish for steelhead
Why do we fish for steelhead? We'll that's a good question and one that more than a few of us at the shop  ponder with some frequency. For those who pursue these fish there is a certain fanaticism that evolves through the endeavor. Their habits, the rivers they are drawn to, the weather, they present  many challenges. They are known as the fish of a thousand casts, however from our experience there are many days, weeks or months were adding a zero to this presumptuous number can be a more accurate representation of the casting effort necessary to connect with one of these fish regardless of your steelheading abilities. Although their fragile rivers flow among some of the worlds more incredible back drops, they often blow out making all your plans and aspirations even more of a hopeless affair, yet if you're willing to endure when you do hook into your first steelhead, or any steelhead for that matter, it's one of the most memorable experiences in all of fly-fishing.  

Here at Western Rivers these fish have been a part of our fabric since we began the business in 1986. We feel that fishing for these incredible fish gets to the very fabric of why we fly-fish in the first place; it's challenging. Although these days we seem to try and simplify the activity of fly-fishing to a level that takes much away from what drew us to fly-fishing in the first place, at some point it requires one to develop a certain skill set to become somewhat proficient at fishing with flies along with a fair amount of patience and persistence. If you're going to have success at any level when pursuing steelhead you are going to have to enlist all off these ingredients then throw in a little JuJu for good measures.  

Pursuing these fish isn't for everyone, just like fly-fishing isn't for everyone, but for those who choose to take up the challenge it's one of the most rewarding in all of fly-fishing.  As we like to say in the, "be careful",  it's known to be addicting and to lead to act of foolishness.  

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