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Free Ground Shipping on orders over $75 | $5 flat rate on orders under $75 | $50 flat rate on International Orders
Western Rivers Rod Guarantee
Here at Western Rivers Flyfisher rod purchases are hands on and personal. We take the time to ensure that the rod you select is one you’ll cherish for a fly-fishing lifetime. When making a rod purchase from our website we want you to have the same opportunities and experience when buying a fly-rod that our in store customers have. Please feel free to call us and let us know what we can do to make sure your rod selection is exactly what you want and need.  
Each angler who casts a fly is unique, thus finding that perfect fly rod match presents a challenge and we want to give you every opportunity to purchase the rod that suits your fly-fishing needs. We know you have many options when it comes to purchasing a fly rod and we think you’ll find our fly rod knowledge and considerations set us apart from the others. 
Purchasing a fly rod online is a risk, since you can’t put the rod in your hands before making that purchasing decision. These days’ online most services offer a cheap fly line to motivate you on top of free shipping. So if you’re looking for a cheap fly line to go with your rod selection, there are lots of options, however if you want the opportunity to truly have a choice when it comes to selecting a fly rod, try the WRF ROD GUARANTEE: buy any fly rod from us, you’ll get free shipping and 15 days to try it out. Take it fishing, cast it, at least get the rod in your hands and still have the option of making another choice if it isn’t what you are looking for. *If it’s not exactly the rod you were looking for send it back and we will exchange it for another one. 
*We believe in getting you the right rod at a fair price. Should you want to return the rod, it must be returned with the warranty card, and in new condition. Hopefully you don’t break the rod, but in that event, you can still send it back, however there will be a $75.00 charge to repair the rod.