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Annual Fly Fishing Fair

This year has a little twist to this event; it's our 30th year in business. This makes our annual event pretty special. For those not familiar with this awesome day, you'll find that every June we have a special day for our customers where we pay your Sales Tax on all your purchases. In addition to those savings, we bring in some of the industries most talented flyfishers and reps from the best companies in all of fly-fishing: Smith, Sage, Scott, Winston, Patagonia, RIO, Scientific Anglers, Simms, Fishpond, Hatch, Lamon Waterworks and others to help you with your purchases. These guys will have some deals and schwag of their own to entice you into supporting their products. Also our own Nick Teynor will be holding a handful of free fly-fishing clinics to help you get the most out of your time on the stream. This is a crazy fun day full of activitites and savings. 
One of the highlights of the event is our reps will have just about every rod their companies make strung up out front of the store for you to try and compare. If you're looking for a new toy that will allow you to get the most of your time on Utah's smaller streams, check out our Custom Western Rivers Glass Rods. If you haven't looked at rods in a while these glass rods and today graphite rods are game changers. They've come a long way. Since you'll be paying no sales tax this is a great day to get your first rod, one of the incredible new rods that's out there today, or a rod just to suit that special niche. With us paying your sales tax, you can actually try a rod before purchasing it, which is not the same opportunity or experience you'll have when purchasing from the internet. 
With our Simms and Patagonia reps here it will be a great day to replace those leaky waders, or worn out wading boots. They've got some gifts to give away just for doing so. These two companies without a doubt make the best wading products out there today. Also, there's no better way to improve your fishing experience than with a new fly line or two. If you haven't fished a new RIO or SA fly line in a while, well there have been many recent changes in fly lines and we can help you match one to your rod/s so that you'll get the most out of your time on the water. Whatever your needs may be, this is the day to save while taking care of your fly-fishing needs/wants here in Utah, around the west or where ever you may be wetting a line. 
So, put it on your calendar, Saturday June 3th. Western Rivers Flyfishers annual event. A fly-fishing day like no other in Utah or the west for that matter. 

Free Clinic Schedule: 

9:30am-10:30am Effective Leader and Fly Riggings for Pressured Trout 
Utah has an incredible bounty of rivers, streams, reservoirs, ponds, and lakes for the local fly-fisher to explore. Unlike many Western States, however, our waterways see many more anglers and receive more pressure. The results: Trout that inhabit our local waterways are much more wary. This can result in fishing days that are very frustrating, and leave an angler with many unanswered questions as to why things didn’t pan out. The purpose of this clinic is to highlight and show how your leader and fly choices can help you have a more productive day on the stream, and how to rig your flies in ways that can aid in a more success on the stream!
*Pen and pad of paper for notes recommended.

11 a.m.-12 p.m. Simple Fly Casting Faults…and Fixes!!! 
There is no better way to improve your fly-fishing experience than being able to put your fly where you want it to go. Taking a lesson is a huge step in the right direction of becoming a more independent and capable angler, but individual practice is mandatory for any long-term success. Nick Teynor, our own Federation of Fly fishers Certified Casting Instructor, will teach you how to identify and fix common casting errors during your own practice.
*You will not need a rod for this, but a pen and pad of paper for notes are recommended.

12:30 -1:30 p.m. Going Back to Glass: A Candid Demo about Glass Fly Rods and their Uses 
This clinic will show that glass rods are incredibly valuable tools for fishing in Utah’s small streams, and discuss/demonstrate how to efficiently cast glass rods. Contrary to what most people think, glass rods are not another fishing “fad”. They are a re-discovered tool that anyone who fished small streams should seriously consider buying. If you have been curious about glass fly rods, or want to cast one-this clinic is for you! Nick Teynor, our resident casting instructor will be leading the demo and showing you just how cool and relevant glass rods are.

2 -3 p.m. Presentation Casts: The Casts that WE ALL Need to Practice! 
This clinic will focus on demonstrating and showing the need to master presentation casts that are essential to take your “game” to the next level. It is one thing to be able to put the fly where you want it to go, but you must also present the fly in such a way that entices a fish to strike. Our own certified casting instructor and fly-casting champion Nick Teynor will show you the why and how of presentation fly casting.
*This clinic will be limited to four people, and each person will need a rod/reel/leader. 

Parking:  This is a big day for the neighborhood. We have parking in the back of the store that you can access from the alley off McClelland or 1100 E.  Also, you can park behind the office building that sits on the corner of McClelland and 900 S. There should be plenty of street parking. Please do not park in Charlotte's Lot. Her lot is reserved for her customers. Thank you.  





Annual Fly Fishing Fair



WRF Fish Fair

Saturday June 3rd, 2017
10am - 5pm